Among The Trees  

  Professional Development For Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy Guides 


Are you looking for resources and support to continue learning about guiding and growing your guiding practice business?


The core focus of Among the Trees website is professional development for guides.

(Forest Therapy, Forest Bathing and KMOG guides)

My mission is to provide professional development for guides through courses, webinars, articles, networking forums and easy-links to resources.

My vision is to accompany guides as you build successful guiding practices connected to your authentic way of being.

Nadine Mazzola Among the Trees Creator

No fee to join 

  • A free membership-level is available to all guides
  • Courses and resources are a combination of a-la-cart offerings for purchase and complementary content for everyone.
  • Access to discussion forums is free.
  • Privately Hosted: All data is protected. This means not on Facebook and in a place where we are not worried about our data being sold.

Find the tools to put you on your path to success

  • You invested in the guide training, now invest in you
  • Avoid obstacles as you set up your guiding practice.
  • Understand the steps to launching a successful guiding practice. Don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Websites: Comparing your options and options to get you started easily.
  • Tips for writing your website copy, bio and elevator pitch.
  • Learn with other guides through mentoring groups.
  • Links to find guiding equipment: Teacups, seating options and more.
  • Take control of navigating social media.
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