Circle for Forest Bathing or Forest Therapy: Subtleties of facilitation and difficult situations

A self-directed, professional development course for guides with Nadine Mazzola

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Who is this workshop for:

This self directed video course is designed for Forest Therapy Guides + Forest Bathing Guides interested in cultivating their facilitation of circle while guiding. The course incorporates some of the more subtle aspects of gathering, sharing and listening in circle when guiding Forest Therapy and Forest Bathing Walks. The purpose is to support guides to be present, easeful and develop their toolbox and headroom for dealing with all kinds of situations.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Multiple ways to express and hold omni-partiality
  • Aspects of body language that support circle
  • Leaning into the importance of the pause
  • Noticing what the more-than-human world is sharing while facilitating circle
  • Building headroom for difficult situations
  • Being ready to listen and not taking on the difficult stories of others
  • Strengthening the group dynamics
  • Tips for different parts of the Standard Sequence
  • A review of sharing formats and their effects
  • Holding space for grief

What is included:

  • The live session includes live lecture, experiential activities and discussion, with lots of opportunity for Q&A
  • Access to the recording

Come, settle in, and get more comfortable with circle. Gathering, sharing and listening is a balance of holding space with care, and at the same time, not holding it too tightly. Guides can gain more headroom in this half-day workshop. There will be lots of discussion and time for Q&A.

Enroll here  |  $55 

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  • Nadine Mazzola | | AmongTheTrees

    “Nadine is so disarmingly down-to-Earth and went out of her way to share resources afterward, for someone with such a wealth of experience and knowledge on Forest-Bathing and subtleties of circle. As a physician I was taught to be stoic, but I was immediately swept up into liminality in my own garden as she so adeptly led us into a mindfulness of grief and finding healing from it.”

    Certified Forest Therapy Guide

  • Nadine Mazzola | | AmongTheTrees

    “This workshop was a lovely balance between learning and practicing what we were learning. I highly recommend this course.”

    Certified Forest Therapy Guide

  • Nadine Mazzola | | AmongTheTrees

    “I took this workshop with Nadine earlier this year. It was fantastic! I learned new ideas and had my own beautiful FT experience that day. She is a great facilitator ❤️”

    Certified Forest Therapy Guide


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ANFT Senior Trainer
Mentor and Coach for Forest Therapy Guides

Nadine Mazzola

Nadine is a guide, trainer, mentor with ANFT and founder of New England Nature and Forest Therapy Consulting based in Acton, MA. She also wrote the book “Forest Bathing with Your Dog”, which won a bronze medal in the “Best First Book - Non-Fiction” category from the 2020 Independent Publisher Book Awards. The book combines the practice of forest therapy with our practice of walking our dogs and elevates the depth of both. Nadine has been guiding forest therapy walks since 2015. She has been featured on PBS Windows to the Wild, ABC’sChronicle and in the Boston Globe and Boston Magazine. Nadine has a business and marketing background and was formerly a world professional pocket billiards player competing on the Women's Professional Billiard Tour. Also, an artist, she facilitates expressive arts classes often incorporating elements of forest therapy throughout.